Cover Me Up Video

February 5, 2021

Garrett Gregory

Hey, I'm Garrett and I'm from small town Hanna, Alberta. I prefer not to limit myself to a single genre of music, but if I had to classify myself as one, it would be modern country. Growing up with steady influences in rock and roll and having a background that was geared toward this for my whole life set me on a path to make rock music. I soon found that the rock music I grew up on and loved turned into angry people shouting into a microphone, and that wasn't my idea of music for me. It wasn't until I started listening to some new country that I realized the Default's, Daughtry's, and Dan Davidson's that I loved in the rock scene ended up doing that music, but somehow it switched genres along the way. That musical feel and those relatable stories were still here, I just was looking in the wrong places. I do everything I can to write relatable, relevant stories that every one of you can feel right down to your core, then once I think I have that, I put music to it. Music fuels my soul and soon I hope mine can fuel yours